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Nearshore Agile team ready to build your projects and achieve your goals

Since 2017, TechFirm Portugal has developed a unique and efficient approach to support your IT projects and deliver them with success and quality

Delivering with happiness

Work hard, with passion. At TechFirm Portugal, we believe the best motivation is to love where we work. That’s why we bring together inspirational and technical experts in our team, who will share their dedication with you. Your project will be our project and we will deliver it with happiness!


Software Development

Strongly business oriented, we are able to support you and find the best solutions with the latest technologies. We aren’t just developing code, we are creating solutions for your problems, either with dedicated software or tailor-made development.

Management & Support

We guarantee your project requirements, on-schedule delivery and quality, through a team of Scrum Masters and Product Owners. We work on a daily basis interaction, being capable of ensuring the best results and meeting your expectations.

QA & Testing

We ensure that your project meets all the business requirements and user needs perfectly, through functional, non-functional and automated testing.

Agile Approach

We implement all the best practices in terms of Agile methodologies, such as Scrum, so that you are able to keep up with all the stages of the project.

Software Development

Business oriented, we strongly support and find the solutions to your problems using the best methodologies and combining with the latest technologies.

Management & Support

We take care of your project requirement, development and on-schedule delivery. We interact with you in daily basis and assure you the best results.

QA & Testing

We assure your project suits perfectly your requirements and user needs with functional, non-functional testings and test automations.

Design Thinking

We can help you to create a new service or product. With end users involvement and commitment, we can create solutions focus on the important and maximize business impacts.

Why TechFirm Portugal?


We provide high quality Nearshore services to our clients, thanks to our talented and experienced team. Challenges are our greatest motivation and we are always successful.

Major Tech Hub

We are located in one of the most innovative and dynamic cities today, with more and more major players coming to work here, with a highly competitive and proficient environment.


We believe Nearshore is the best approach, but we also value the proximity of our teams.


Agile is our motto and we can easily adapt to your needs. We can have face-to-face meetings or remote calls on the same day, so that we can move our goals forward.

Why Lisbon, Portugal?

Lisbon has become a major hub in the Technology industry. The city welcomes the biggest IT conference in the World – Web Summit Lisbon since 2016. This innovative environment has transformed the start-up nation which is totally bubbling. Companies choosing to settle in Portugal are growing increasingly: even Google chose Lisbon for his new «service center».

Nearshoring in Lisbon is indeed the best option: growing in a competitive and innovative environment with qualified Portuguese engineers at affordable costs. 61% of Portuguese people speak at least 1 foreign language and with 5.000 graduates a year, Portugal has also the highest proportion of science and engineering degrees of Europe.



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At Techfirm Portugal I've found the opportunity to grow and learn new technologies. New challenges are always coming, keeping my mind fit. The people are great and it's with joy that I come to work every day.
Carlos Gregório
Carlos Gregório
Head Of Solutions
Working at TechFirm Portugal has giving me the opportunity to increase my skills in a daily basis. As a woman working in the tech industry, I’ve found here the possibility to challenge my work and to grow professionally.
Fábia Lima
Fábia Lima
Project Manager
TechFirm Portugal is a fast paced and challenging environment, but the amazing team spirit we have allows us all to keep the perfect balance between work and wellness! It's a very professional place to work and learn!
Cátia Varela
Cátia Varela
HR Manager